Road Sweeper Machine
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Road Sweeper Machine

VINAYAK High Quality Road Sweeper Machine with Dust Collecting System, Model : VCE-RS-230 (Without Tractor) Have a Sweeping Width of 2.25 Meters. These Road Sweeper are Equipped with PPN Bristles for Efficient and Durable Cleaning of Road. This Sweeper Machine is Preferred by a Lot of Road Contractors for Its Ease of Operation. It can be Conveniently Moved by Attaching at the Rear of Tractor, Operating and Maintenance of Sweeper is Easy and does not require Skilled Labor.

Road Sweeper Machine play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness and safety on roads, parking lots and different urban and industrial areas. The Road Sweeper Machines comes n varied types such as broom swappers, regenerative air sweepers, street sweeper machine, Tractor Mounted Road Sweeper Machine each designed for specific cleaning requirements. The main components of a Road Sweeper Machine includes the sweeping system, collection system, water system and a control panel for efficient operation. One of the major benefits of Road Sweeper Machines is their ability to clean different surface effectively, such as asphalt, concrete and cobblestone, making them versatile for various cleaning applications.

Road Sweeping Machine

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Salient Features :

  • Dust Collection Facility Available.
  • Quick Mounting with Tractor.
  • Three Point Linkage System.
  • Compact and Flexible Design.
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain.
  • Low Noise and High Performance.
  • Maintenance free Hydraulic Drive

Optional :

  • Wet Mixed Macadam Surface.
  • Asphalt Road Surface.
  • Remove Fine Partials From Pot Holes.
  • Road Cleaning.
  • Street Road Surface.

Function :

It is mainly used as commercial Application for Road Sweeping all the dust and debris on the Road, Street, Highway,Floor (In Industry), Petrol Pump, Glass Factory, Sea - Air Ports, Cement Industries, School, College - University, Lanes, by - lanes, Vehicle Parking Areas etc. It is very useful for Municipality, Gram Panchayats, Various Industries etc.

Technical Specification of Road Sweeping Machine :

Model VCE - RS - 230
Mounting / Towing Tractor Back Side
Working Width 2.30 Meter (2300 mm)
Sweeping Width 2.25 Meter (2250 mm)
Sweeping Adjustment 45 Degree Base Adjustable Both Side as per Slope of the Road
Supporting Wheel Two Heavy Duty Small Wheels (Rubber Molded) Dia. 200 X 50 mm. Adjustable Height with Dust Caps.
Material of Brush PPN Nylon Brush
3 mm( 520 mmX 50mmX 750 mm)
Brush Size Dia. 520 mm
Qty of Brush 03 Set.
Dust garbage collection Container Volume Min. 150 - Max 150 Kg. Lift.
Dust Spread Normally - Due to Collection Through Bucket
Working Condition Tractor Run & Standing Position Both Time Working.
Hydraulic System Use Required for Hydraulic Oil Circulation.
Max. Operating Pressure 150 Bar
Minimum Hydraulic Oil Requirement 20 Ipm
Hydraulic Drive 1 - Hydraulic Motor - 16 mps. Fitted to Turn Shaft with Brushes
Hydraulic Hose Pipe 02 Nos. Hose Fitted ( 5 Meters )
Sweeping Speed 7 to 10 Km / Hour.
Packing Type Standard Export Packing
Overall Dimension (H X W X L) 1100 mm X 1200 mm X 2650 mm
Net Weight 300 Kgs.
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Street Sweeper Machine

Municipal Road Sweeping Machine

Street Sweeping Machine

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